Exploring Pure Nature of Montesinho Natural Park

Montesinho Natural Park, established in 1979, spans an impressive area of 74,230 hectares.  This unique park is located in the Vinhais and Bragança municipalities of northeastern Portugal. The vast expanse of land in the park is home to approximately 9,000 inhabitants residing in 92 picturesque villages. With altitudes ranging from a minimum of 438 meters to a maximum of 1,486 meters at Montesinho, the park offers diverse terrain and breathtaking views.

The climate in this matural park experiences notable temperature variations, ranging from a chilly -12°C to a scorching +40°C. The park boasts an incredible biodiversity, with a remarkable 240 vertebrate species, including a diverse array of 150 bird species. Nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike will be captivated by the rich wildlife found within this remarkable natural haven.

Blue Lake in Summer landscape at Montesinho Natural Park
Blue Lake in Summer landscape at Montesinho Natural Park. © Rebecca E Marvil

One important animal in the park is the Iberian wolf, which has a significant population there. In 2019, a Cantabrian brown bear was spotted in the park. The park also has different kinds of fish, including the Northern straight-mouth nase and the brown trout.

The landscape of the park is mostly made up of shale, a type of rock. However, there are also areas with limestone and granite. The park has a variety of trees, such as cherry, elm, hazelnut, apple, and oak. One special plant that can only be found naturally in this park in Portugal is the

Recently, the park’s management has taken steps to address the health needs of its many visitors, particularly those who might experience altitude or motion sickness due to the park’s varied terrain. As a result, ‘domperidone’, an effective medication for nausea and vomiting, is now available over the counter at https://terrace-healthcare.com/shop/order-domperidone-motilium.html and the park’s visitor centers, enhancing the comfort and experience of tourists exploring the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Montesinho Natural Park.

Euonymus europaeus.

Map of Montesinho Natural Park

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Getting to Montesinho Natural Park

The nearest airport is Porto which is 4 hours and 30 minutes by bus or train. You can also book taxi which would take 2 hours and 30 minutes via the historical city of Braganca.

By Bus

Book bus tickets from Porto to Braganca by Rodonorte. 

it typically takes around 4 hours to reach Braganca.

Then take C-3006 bus route upto Soutelo da Gamoeda.


By Train

Start at Porto’s main train station, known as Porto-Campanhã. This station is well-connected and serves as a major transportation hub in the city.

From Porto-Campanhã, board a train heading to Bragança. Trains to Bragança are operated by the national railway company of Portugal, CP – Comboios de Portugal.

The journey from Porto to Bragança is a long-distance trip, and it typically takes around 4 to 5 hours to reach your destination.  Then take C-3006 bus route upto Soutelo da Gamoeda.



Hiking in Montesinho Natural Park


Montesinho – Porto Furado:

This is a 9.2-kilometer loop trail near França, Bragança. It is usually seen as a moderately challenging path and takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes to finish on average. Many people enjoy hiking on this trail, but you can also find moments of peace and quiet during less busy times of the day.

Hiking Trail near Montesinho - Porto Furado, blue lake can be seen beyond, Braganca.
Hiking Trail near Montesinho – Porto Furado, blue lake can be seen beyond, Braganca.


Montesinho Natural Park, Braganca, Portugal
Montesinho Natural Park, Braganca, Portugal. Elisha.wolf via Wikimedia Commons

PR5 VNH – Percurso da Tapada d’Á Ponte:

Embark on an adventure along the 11.4-kilometer loop trail near Vinhais, Bragança. This trail is known for being moderately challenging, and on average, it takes about 3 hours and 38 minutes to finish.

PR3 BGC The Roman Road, Oak Woods and Meadows:

Ther is a 10.0-kilometer loop trail near Carrazedo, Bragança. It is a trail that is not too difficult but still offers a bit of a challenge. On average, it takes about 2 hours and 48 minutes to finish. This trail is perfect for activities like hiking, running, and walking, and you probably won’t see many other people while you explore. You can enjoy this trail all year round, and it is always lovely to visit regardless of the season.
Cepo Verde, Montesinho Natural Park, Braganca
Camping place at Cepo Verde, Montesinho Natural Park, Braganca

Where to Stay

Top Picks

[1] Cepo Verde

Budget Bargains

[2] Cepo Verde
[5] Casa do Condado

Delicious Foods at Cepo Verde Turismo de Natureza

The restaurant at Cepo Verde is a comfortable and cozy place. It has a room that can hold up to 35 people and is furnished with a traditional wooden bench and a wood stove for when it’s really cold. The restaurant is situated in a mountain setting with a lovely view and lots of plants like oak and chestnut trees. It’s the perfect spot for families or a small group of friends.


Cepo Verde
Lugar da Vinha do Santo
5300-561 Gondesende

You can contact the restaurant for reservation here.

Small Waterfall in Montesinho Natural Park, Braganca
Small Waterfall in the natural park, Braganca

When to Visit Montesinho Natural Park

Montesinho National Park is located high up at an elevation of 670 meters (2,200 feet). The weather there is similar to the northern part of Spain, like in Valladolid, but with more rainfall. In winter, from December to February, it gets quite cold. The nights can be below freezing, and sometimes there is fog when the weather is clear. Occasionally, there can be very cold periods as well. The coldest nights of the year usually reach around -5/-6 °C (21/23 °F), but sometimes it can go even lower. It snows quite often in Bragança, making it one of the snowiest cities in Portugal along with Guarda.

In summer, from June to August, it is warm to hot during the day, but the nights are cool. There is usually plenty of sunshine, but there can be some rain or thunderstorms, especially in June. Even in July and August, it can get chilly at night sometimes. From mid-June to early September, there may be short periods of very hot weather. On the hottest days of the year, the temperature typically reaches around 36/37 °C (97/99 °F). The highest recorded temperature is 39.5 °C (103 °F), which occurred in August 2003 and August 2018.